invites are out!

yay! Jake and I walked to our little apartment mailbox today and said bye-bye to all of our invites one by one! FINALLY! I feel relieved they are all out and makes me even more excited to be Mrs. Hilleary :)

School is picking up towards the end of the quarter, couple papers, presentations, finals left and then we'll have a (way too short) break until July 5th, when my summer kicks into full gear.
School Mon-Friday from 8am-5, working 10 hours on Saturday...and my Sundays will look like this: Studying, wedding things, wedding showers, Jake time, Family time.
This summer is going to fly by...! Then I'll be one year closer to being Austen Hilleary, RDH :-)

On mothers day, my mom and I stopped by this sweet little art gallery on Chuckanut. They had these absolutely beautiful drawings and phrases called Story People, by Brian Andreas. I fell in love with this one:

We listened as he played the guitar & sang old love songs & then there was a moment we looked at each other & discovered we were much younger than other people might suspect & it was good to know we had that much more time together.

It's on my mind this morning :-)