invites are out!

yay! Jake and I walked to our little apartment mailbox today and said bye-bye to all of our invites one by one! FINALLY! I feel relieved they are all out and makes me even more excited to be Mrs. Hilleary :)

School is picking up towards the end of the quarter, couple papers, presentations, finals left and then we'll have a (way too short) break until July 5th, when my summer kicks into full gear.
School Mon-Friday from 8am-5, working 10 hours on Saturday...and my Sundays will look like this: Studying, wedding things, wedding showers, Jake time, Family time.
This summer is going to fly by...! Then I'll be one year closer to being Austen Hilleary, RDH :-)

On mothers day, my mom and I stopped by this sweet little art gallery on Chuckanut. They had these absolutely beautiful drawings and phrases called Story People, by Brian Andreas. I fell in love with this one:

We listened as he played the guitar & sang old love songs & then there was a moment we looked at each other & discovered we were much younger than other people might suspect & it was good to know we had that much more time together.

It's on my mind this morning :-)



Today I was graciously humbled in my clinic experience. My patient only spoke a few words of English. Our communication was full of many smiles (behind my mask), lots of thumbs up and "are you okay?"s.

It's beautiful how love and happiness know no language boundary.


boy, I love gazpacho. It really tastes like summer...and with this extremely late spring were having here in bellingham, I am taking all I can get! Thea and I made 2 different kinds, one was pineapple tomato and the other was strawberry. They are incredibly scrumptious, I can't get enough of both! I know this is going to be a staple of my diet for the next 5 months until the sun goes away :)

On a less inspiring note, I have been struggling in clinic lately - I have had a total of 9 no-shows :( some of my classmates haven't had any. Why did I get stuck with the no-show gene?! It's so disappointing to not have the learning experience...I swear if I have another one this quarter I am going to lose it. It's getting to the point where I am having a hard time finding patients for my big projects and papers...The patients that I do have, I love. Like really love! They're all incredible, but it's super disheartening to have to sit out so many clinics. Send some "good patient" vibes my way!

To my classmates - I apologize for my grumpiness yesterday...I hope you can understand :(

On to a better day!


hello :) lately I have been having the desire to start blogging, however I don't know who would read about my life, or why, but here I am - making one anyway.

I wont bother with the introductions, those of you reading this will most likely know me...above is a picture of my little family. I'm the blonde with the long hair...some people think the name Austen infers that I am male, however it's quite the contrary. The short haired blonde is my fiance, Jake. He's basically the best. And the little furry black one is Guinness - our little man.

Essentially this blog has no specific direction...here are some things it could include (but is not limited to)
  • wedding things (since I am getting married in august)
  • things my patients teach me (my patients are the best)
  • recipes (I love food!)
  • life things...you know - like news and updates...?
  • miscellaneous :-)
well - enjoy :)