hello :) lately I have been having the desire to start blogging, however I don't know who would read about my life, or why, but here I am - making one anyway.

I wont bother with the introductions, those of you reading this will most likely know me...above is a picture of my little family. I'm the blonde with the long hair...some people think the name Austen infers that I am male, however it's quite the contrary. The short haired blonde is my fiance, Jake. He's basically the best. And the little furry black one is Guinness - our little man.

Essentially this blog has no specific direction...here are some things it could include (but is not limited to)
  • wedding things (since I am getting married in august)
  • things my patients teach me (my patients are the best)
  • recipes (I love food!)
  • life things...you know - like news and updates...?
  • miscellaneous :-)
well - enjoy :)

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