boy, I love gazpacho. It really tastes like summer...and with this extremely late spring were having here in bellingham, I am taking all I can get! Thea and I made 2 different kinds, one was pineapple tomato and the other was strawberry. They are incredibly scrumptious, I can't get enough of both! I know this is going to be a staple of my diet for the next 5 months until the sun goes away :)

On a less inspiring note, I have been struggling in clinic lately - I have had a total of 9 no-shows :( some of my classmates haven't had any. Why did I get stuck with the no-show gene?! It's so disappointing to not have the learning experience...I swear if I have another one this quarter I am going to lose it. It's getting to the point where I am having a hard time finding patients for my big projects and papers...The patients that I do have, I love. Like really love! They're all incredible, but it's super disheartening to have to sit out so many clinics. Send some "good patient" vibes my way!

To my classmates - I apologize for my grumpiness yesterday...I hope you can understand :(

On to a better day!

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